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Space – Massage DeliveryWie zijn wij?

We at “Space Massage Delivery Service” are ready to provide you with the most Proffessional Masseuses or Masseurs, who care about you as a whole!

Mind, Body & Soul is what we care about, we are deeply connected with a vast understanding of the Human body, not only externally, also internal, there, is where most problems reside!

We bring People back in shape, back in balance, whatever age, or illness, wether you are pregnant or in severe pain, we love what we do and love new challenges!

“Space Massage Delivery Service” begun with the idea of helping people in need, people that have no access or mean to travel to obtain some peace of mind or to treat yourself to some self-love, we just couldn’t stop there, we needed to introduce the full package experience to those that never had it, so here we are, together bringing people to a new level of experience through Alternative Medicine treating the Mind, Body & Soul!

Our Services are very simple, “We Come To You”, you can book a massage with one of our Masseuses or Masseurs that live in your surroundings, then you proceed to choosing a day and a time!
The Masseuses or Masseurs will then get an alert on their mobile, they will then prepare themselves for your Treatment!

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